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E-collar Street Tactics(E-collar) is a 5-day hands-on training course designed to teach each handler the proper use of an electronic collar.  E.S.T. adds an additional level of control whether on or off lead.  The E.S.T. begins with basic obedience used as a foundation to achieve our goal of off-lead control. This E.S.T. progresses by using building block components to advance the K9 teams making a more proficient and effective way of performing K9 operations. The ability to have your K9 off lead provides a better tactical advantage making it safer for you and other officers. The E-collar also allows our trainers to instruct the handlers on how to correct issues outing of a  toy, recalling the K9 to the Handler, obedience, and verbal out off of physical apprehensions.

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A 3-5 day course on becoming more proficient and effective while deployed as a patrol K9 Team. Our training Staff will provide scenarios and a video debriefing of each scenario to show how to improve your searches. We will instruct each K9 Team on deploying your K9 safer during high-risk situations. Our goal is not to change the K9 Teams tactics but to improve on the tactics they have already been taught. Our staff will design specific scenarios for each and every K9 Team that is unique to their daily work environment. The Lone Star staff will push each K9 Team to be the very best they can be.

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Patrol K9 Training


A 3-5 training course designed to keep the K9 Team proficient in the Detection field. Our Training staff is well versed in Narcotics, Explosive, and Weapons Detection. This course will challenge the K9 Teams to think outside the norm, making them more proficient and effective Detection Teams. The K9 Teams we will learn proper searching techniques/patterns and report writing skills to maximize the proficiency of the K9 Team. The teams will be exposed to all types of vehicles and exterior and interior residential searches.

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K9 Detection


This course is designed by the wants and needs of the Department. Lone Star K9 Academy will evaluate each K9 Team and provide a detailed evaluation of what they see as each K9 Team's strengths and weaknesses may be. From there, the trainer will design a training regimen specifically for each K9 Team. The proper maintenance program should be continuously inspected to maintain the proficiency and integrity of the K9 Unit.

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K9/Team Maintenace


    Our staff will train your K9 Team from selection to certification. The staff will coach the K9 Team in all aspects of training, whether single or dual-purpose K9 Team. The staff will teach and instill proper techniques in the Patrol, Detection, and Tracking fields. Our staff is made up of Law Enforcement K9 Handlers that recognize the correct training techniques the new K9 Team needs to be an effective and proficient K9 team. The trainers will train the K9 Team to your State's qualification standards and certify through a National Organization if they wish to do so. For additional details, please call Lone Star K9 Academy to discuss your next K9 Academy needs.

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K9 and Handler Training


 A 3-5 day course instructing the proper techniques of a K9 Decoy. Our training staff will teach the fundamentals of adequately decoying for a K9 during apprehension and scenario sessions. The decoy will be taught the proper techniques utilizing equipment such as an apprehension sleeve, apprehension suit, hidden apprehension sleeve, and being a decoy for a muzzled K9. The Lone Star K9 Academy staff will also train the decoy how to properly train the K9 while on apprehension equipment to improve its grip and confidence. Our training staff will instruct the decoy on how to protect oneself using different types of equipment and how to bring out other drives within the K9.

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Basic Decoy Training


A 5 Day course designed to make the K9 Team more proficient in the Skill of Tracking. An evaluation of the Team's overall proficiency will be followed by advancing the Team's strengths and working on the Team's weaknesses. We aim to increase the lengths of the Teams' tracking capabilities as far as possible during the 5-day course. During these tracking sessions, role players will be implemented in the scenarios to simulate real-life deployments. We will try to find and train in locations resembling the tracking environment each Team will encounter daily. This course will also consist of locating articles of evidence discarded while on an active track.

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K9 Tracking


Our advanced classes are designed to expand the exposure of Detection, Advanced Patrol work, Narcotics Interdiction, K9 SWAT integration, Advanced Decoying, and E.S.T. (E-collar course) instructor course. We will custom tailor the advanced courses to your K9 Team's needs. Exposure is key to developing a K9 Team that can overcome weaknesses from not being exposed to specific scenarios, obstacles, or other unknown factors.

Advanced K9 Training



This course is designed to educate the student through proven Interdiction techniques. The course is a total of three days, starting with classroom instruction.  The Second and Third day of instruction are in the field exercising real life scenarios with your K9 partner. The K9 team will use the techniques learned while in the classroom and progress as the scenarios become more challenging.  All students will be evaluated and not advance until the appropriate skill set is accomplished Each class can be adjusted to your specific needs and Geographic location.


This course is designed to evaluate the proficiency of your departments K9'sPolicy & Procedures. Our staff will evaluate and ensure the departments policy and procedures meet and exceeds current industry standards. To ensure the Policy and Procedures are meeting your Departments needs, one of our trainers will meet with the departments administration and review the Policy and Procedure.


This course is designed to identify and correct any areas which need improvement. Once identified, the K9 Team train on extinguishing the improper behavior while given a comprehensive training regimen to continue once the course is completed. Upon the completion of the course, Lone Star K9 Academy will continue to monitor the progress and adjust the training regimen as needed to accomplish the teams objective.

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